This article appears in Opal Rising magazine FEBRUARY 2022

When one thinks about an individual’s place in the Universe, one is often struck by how infinitesimal one’s life appears to be.

Compared to the immeasurably large spatial and temporal dimensions of Cosmos, a person’s existence occupies the slightest span of time and his body takes up the tiniest speck of space. Even within the limited context of Earth a human being is lost in the midst of a multitude of people, objects, events.

Such a perspective inevitably evokes feelings of utter futility and insignificance in the general scheme of things.

Yet, when we take into account the premise (discussed in the preceding piece “Which Reality is Real?”) that an individual exists simultaneously in both the Inner and Outer Worlds, an entirely different and altogether surprising scenario emerges.

From this viewpoint, we can clearly see that each person is the sole ephemeral link, the only fragile bridge between the two realms. Each human being is in possession of an entire, unique Inner Reality and only he is capable of crossing the chasm that separates his Inner World from the Outer Reality. Only that individual has access to both domains and only he can connect the two universes to one another.

And so when a person is no more, a unique Reality is lost forever, never to exist again. Nobody else will ever be able to gain access to that World. Consequently, death is not just a death of an individual but rather an extinguishing of an entire Universe, a destruction of a myriad of inner beings, some fully formed and ready to be born, some in a growing, gestating stage, others just a twinkle in the mind’s eye. All of these beings crumble into non-existence and disappear for eternity together with the person himself.

Rather than being a tiny, insignificant speck lost in the infinite expanse of space and time, each human being is a unique conduit bridging two disparate realities with one another.

Opal Rising Magazine FEBRUARY 2022


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