Angel’s Animal Corner – February 2023

Angel's Animal Corner

When I travel and have to be away from my Rottweiler (Gus), I miss him terribly. How does he view the time we are separated? Is he confused or worried? He is always left with a family member who loves him.

– Rottie Mummy Mississauga, Ontario

When I tap in, I see him being worried about what’s going on. He doesn’t understand where you are going, and why you leave him. He does love who you leave him with, and misses you when you’re not there.

 I asked Gus if it would make him feel better to know more about your plans before you go away, and give him a timeline as to when you will be back. He said it would be nice, then he can have something to look forward too. He also asked if you could do this when you go out every day too.

Animal communicators know that letting our pets in on our plans very important. For longer trips, showing them pics of where you are going, telling them what to expect while you are gone, even Face-Timing them takes the guess work out and creates a sense of calm. On an everyday basis letting your pet pal know when you will back and where you are going are ideal.

Angel's Animal Corner

We had to put down our cat this year, she was only 9. Our dog passed away a few months before her to old age. How are they doing?

– Katie Clayton Aurora, Ont.

I am sorry about your losses. They are together!!! Such great news to hear for any family. I get that your cat is very calm and adjusted, while your dog is bursting with energy to talk to you, and tell you all about the wonderful things he is experiencing over the rainbow bridge. He does tell me they have made some new friends there too!

This is common for animals to find other pet pal family members or create tribes. In this case, he even knows about a dog your grandad on your mom’s side had. It’s a bit of a family affair. Your cat feels sad about the way she left, but says thank you for all you do, and knows you did everything you could. She says its okay though, because when she passed your dog was happy to see her, and that made it better.

Angel's Animal Corner

Would our kitty accept another kitten into the family? She has not liked other cats we have had in the past.

– Trish Bootsma   Bradford, Ont.

This is a big No! That is the first thing I hear when I tap in… “No siree!” Having said that, I do get that this little tigress would get used to a pet pal sibling, but not without resistance, and she would always feel like there is potential to be ousted. Some of our friends are single pet creatures. She is definitely one of them. However, she does say that a fish would be just fine. It would take a few reminders though, that paws are not meant to be inside the fish tank.

Angel's Animal Corner

This is Lily and Layla! They are regular clients of mine. Their owner Veronica is a wonderful pet owner who is so in tune with her lovelies! Her question for us this month is “Do animals have love languages?”

– Veronica Weston Yucatan, Mexico

They certainly do! Animals, like people have 5 love languages. Acts of service, those who love to do for others like border collies. Gift giving can be any animal who consistently loves to bring their toys to their owner, plays fetch etc. Quality time, the pet pal who can spend hours on a lap, physical touch, They love to be pet, kneaded, massaged, great with chiropractic, and can understand every verbal command given. Finally, words of affirmation, the language of encouragement.

These languages can overlap, but if you read one of my favourite books, “The 5 love languages” by Gary Chapman, you will not only see how this applies to your life, but how it can apply to your pet family members too!

Angel's Animal Corner

This is (was) my boy Patchen. He crossed over this past summer. I let him go, but told him to visit whenever he wants. My question is, have we shared past lives together, and has he always been a cat? I have strong suspicions on this, but I’ve always wanted an expert opinion.

-Karl Freiheit, Oshawa, Ont.

What a fantastic question! Yes. Although not all do, our pet pals can have past lives with us. They can also cross species reincarnate.

You definitely have a magical and adventurous past with this kitten. I do see him as having been a dog, almost wolf like in another life where you hunted together. It feels aboriginal. However, not necessarily North American. I keep seeing you on a small cliff looking down. It’s night and there is moonlight. You are looking at something and tell him to go get it. I also see him as a snake. He an animal you encounter in a jungle like setting, and I feel it was a momentary encounter that is important because it was the one that led him (she in that lifetime) to being curious and wanting to find you again in other lifetimes.

When an animal passes, they may come to a communicator in their past life forms, or even the next incarnation if they have already come back. It is up to the communicator to make that connection. The simple question “Who are you?” Or “are you an incarnation of…” may be the key to opening a fascinating conversation!

If you have a question about your pet pal please email Angel’s Animal Corner at  Please include your pets name, a picture, your city and name (Please feel free to use a pen name if you would like to stay anonymous) Don’t forget to visit her website!, or follow her on Instagram @angelmorganpetpsychic
Don’t forget to visit her website!, or follow her on Instagram @angelmorganpetpsychic

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