Angel’s Animal Corner: March 2023

I lost my cat which was white and female at the beginning of December 2022. I miss her so much. She was so kind and brought so much love into my life. I would like to ask if another cat is coming into my life this year please.
I hope a lovely soul is drawn to my energy.

– Sandy, Mauritius, Indian Ocean

Angel: I am so happy to say that you will be getting another kitty for sure! This one will be in tune with the energy you are now growing into. Our pet pals come to us at very specific times in our lives. There is never a coincidence when their vibration matches us as well as this beautiful cat matched yours Sandy! The old saying that the pet chooses us is so very true. They come into our lives when we need them, and sometimes leave at time when space needs to be made for another animal who requires our love as much as we require their energy. This little one misses you, but completely understands that another little brother or sister will come to live with you, and fully approves.

I’m curious about what might be causing recurrent ear infections in my 2.5year old labradoodle.  Our home is loving and peaceful so his ear infections seem to be out of sync with the surroundings.  

D.  Huntsville, Ontario

Angel: Western medicine and holistic medicine can work hand in hand. Although I am not a vet, and cannot diagnose, I can tell you what spirit is telling me and what I feel when I tap in. He says they feel hot. I do get heat, and I get inflammation too. Airing out his ears feels like something that will help. I also get that a lavender mix might aid with any irritation or inflammation, and will feel soothing. Any holistic vet can guide you in these matters.  

From an energetic perspective… Spirit is a really good boy who doesn’t like to rock the boat, your home is very peaceful, and so any sign of trouble big or small, he doesn’t want to “hear about it”. I love Louise Hay’s book “you can heal your body”.  It was written for humans, but I find it works for pet pals too! It has charts that will indicate the ailment, the root cause, and give affirmations that can help to heal it. Place your hands on your pet pal, or imagine them in a vision and state the affirmation “I hear with love”. Also, his love language is words of encouragement so letting him know gently that all will be well, will go a long way to lifting the sprits of our pet pal Spirit!

We recently left our little Yorkie, Tico, with family for six weeks while on vacation, as weve done many times before with the same family, but this time Ticos adjustment back home with us wasnt easy and would love to know his thoughts on the matter and if theres anything we can do better next time? Thx.

– Jenn Charlinski.  Whitby, Ontario

Angel: Tico wants to go adventuring with you! He’s feeling a bit alone even though he is with family, and those you trust. He would like you take the time to tell him where you have been and what you did there. He wants to be kept in the loop!

Here are some suggestions that work for some of my clients. Take him with you, FaceTime with him while you are gone, let him know where you are going before, and ALL about your trip when you get back regardless of whether it was a vacation or business trip. Make sure you bring back something special for him….”food treat please” is what he considers nice.) His total preference though is definitely to come with! Tell the female who cares for him to give him extra cuddles while he is with them and that will help too!

Why do dogs hold a toy in both paws with its mouth on it staring for long periods of time? For Broui it is always the same toy and he will hold it for minutes up to an hour.

Athena D’amato

Angel: This is an awesome question!!! I have had so many conversations with so many pet pals about this!!! It varies. My favourite is the Dalmatian I once spoke with that said he likes to thrash his toys, throw them up in the air, pretend he is rescuing them as they come down, and then nurture them back to feeling better lol!!! Some pups love to nurture and treat their toys as babies, others that have siblings are protecting their favourite toys from others! Broui is definitely a play mode puppy. Any chance he has on his time off as a therapy dog, he loves to cuddle with his toy, and then at other times play with it as if it’s a rambunctious puppy bestie!

Did maximum (Max), my Yorkie, who passed in sept 2017, send me this blue and silver ring for Christmas 2023 through an acquaintance of mine?

Mary Glinka. Feversham, Canada

Angel: Yes! And Yes again! Although I do see an older person helping out in this situation. This feels like someone who has passed. It seems this was a family effort to get it to your friend, who in turn brought this lovely gift to you. Its not unheard of for an animal to send “gifts from heaven” to remind us that they are still very much connected to us. Sometimes it comes through other animals or someone we know. This happens with humans too, so why not in the animal world!

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