Aphorisms and Questions on Life, Death and Other Petty Annoyances

1) All my life, my ultimate aim has been to capture all of life’s essence in a single sentence and then to refine that sentence into a single word.

I am proud to announce that I have recently been able to come up with just such a word.
It is a Greek word, a compound Greek word in fact (for just as French is the language of Love, German is the language of Hate, Italian is the language of Life, Latin is the language of Death, English is the language of Trade, Danish is the language of Pastries and Russian is the language of Bread, Greek is the language of Philosophy). The word is rather long, taking up 120 A4 pages (both sides), but I am happy to send each one of those pages to anyone upon request.

2) Looking for the meaning of life can be likened to searching for a key to a lock. But what if we are searching for a key and all the while the lock does not exist?

3) Only through pure, undiluted suffering, untainted by even a drop of hope, can the underlying, inner structure of Life be revealed and the sinews of Existence become evident.

4) We live, not for a reason, but by default, through a force of habit, because we don’t know how to do anything else.

5) If all of the sky were a giant mirror, so that all of our actions on Earth manifested in the Heavens themselves, what would we allow ourselves to do then?

6) What we are all looking for is The Secret Compartment in The House of Life.

7) Life (alas for us writers) cannot be thought or dreamed through – it can only be lived through.

8) There are those who are sustained by their memory of one chance encounter with happiness; recalling again and again that occasion when they bumped into it by happenstance and how they tried to embrace it with both arms and hold it tight to their hearts for the rest of their lives, but like an impatient puppy it struggled free from their grasp and ran away to play in a field of grass.

9) Obsessiveness is a most peculiar beast. It gains strength through eating chunks of its own body; paradoxically, growing bigger by feeding off of itself.

10) Border line, n. An imaginary line in the sand which requires regular donations of blood to keep it visible and well-defined. Disputes over where exactly this non-existent line lies have caused millions of lives to be lost through the ages.

11) Our guardian angels having deserted us, we turn to our persecutors for protection and help.

12) True contentment is reached only when one is sated neither by the decayed, over-sweet fruit from the Tree of Yesterday nor by the unripe, sour fruit from the Tree of Tomorrow, but just by the fruit from the Tree of Today.

13) It is a poor kind of memory that only remembers things that happened.

14) Even one small candle can destroy the infinite darkness of an entire night.

15) Smugly we deride the stupidity of moths, as they become irresistibly trapped by candlelight, and shake our heads with incomprehension at the self-destructive madness of their actions, while we spend our lives in front of the flickering screens of computers and TVs.

16) Does karma really exist in the world, and if so, how much faith should one put into it to right the wrongs that people do?

17) How do you respond to someone who says that worshipping God is just like worshipping empty space because, quite literally, you are worshipping nothing? How do you answer someone who wants solid, empirical proof of God’s existence?

18) How can one overcome the feeling of insignificance in the grand scheme of things – of being just a drop in the ocean of humanity?

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Aphorisms and Questions on Life, Death and Other Petty Annoyances


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