Awaken Your Divinity

Awaken! Like a long sleep, awaken refreshed in the limitlessness and inner light of your very nature, to be divine. It is said and I find truth in; the eye of the soul is within the mind’s eye.

Could it be possible that we can find and then embody our divinity through visionary and auditory mysticism or as I call it, intentional visualization. I believe we can.

The first time I discovered my divinity was so powerful that I felt transformed. From that day forward, I found it difficult to deny my connection to the divine.

Wednesday morning light flooded through the oceanfront window where I sat peacefully upon my meditation mat. With my face towards the dawn, I closed my eyes to the ocean waves and tuned into my inner stillness. Feeling my breath and heart beat slow, until it too was beyond my perception.

And it was then that I found myself once again outside of space and time, and in the divine.

I witnessed a vision of my higher self descend through untold layers of ethereal continuums, softly and gracefully arriving at the gateway of this heavenly stairway that had just ascended through my crown.

She wore the most beautiful shimmering white and gold gilded gown. I never could have imagined how it surrounded her essence without touching any of her and yet was a part of her too, I sat breathless as she faced the stairs and took her first step.

Thick long blond hair trailed in soft waves that followed the contours of the steps several steps behind her, and yet her head remained effortlessly and gracefully erect.

Timelessly she ascended..

My awareness was then drawn upward, a heavenly light-being was emerging. A gentle masculine energy of pure golden warmth filled my senses. He was generously bathing my soul in a sense of enduring love, I felt myself relax into complete acceptance.

Yin and Yang in perfect harmony met at the stair terrace that joined with an endless opalesque crystal palace. I felt my divine self bend one knee as she slowly bowed her head.

At that moment a crown of jeweled splendor was placed gently upon her head; igniting a rich expansive light that radiated outward into the universe; before she stood eye to eye with her benefactor once again.

In unison they reach out with both hands to embrace.

I felt the warm tears of joy sliding down my face. The gift had been given, the love of God or the divine beat within my chest.

I had experienced a divine awakening, a moment of grand clarity, wisdom, healing, truth and love. Within this conscious awakening, I knew undeniably that I was a part of this experience all along, and I know you are too.

My divine expression is liberation from the restrictions I have placed on myself between life and death. It is to allow myself to live consciously, awake to my soul strength, truth, love, wisdom and healing.

I would love to hear what your divine self’s expression is?

Stay well out there, xoxo Adele

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Awaken Your Divinity

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