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Opal Rising Magazine 2022


Opal Rising Magazine | April 2022

Our writers in this issue: Our Heart-Centered Business is Tricia Silverman, Tricia Silverman is a registered dietitian, certified wellness coach, and fitness instructor. She has owned Tricia Silverman Wellness, a nutrition and wellness consulting firm in Massachusetts, since 2004. Adele Anderson / Eternal Reality or Illusion Clinton Johnson / Changing Your Beliefs Part 1 Cindy DeJager / In a Gentle Way You Can Shake the World Bonita Mosley / Thoughts Become Things Boris Glikman / Magic and Yoga Sharon Carne / / Reclaim Your Brain Crystal Dawn / The Power of Pendulums Part 2


Opal Rising Magazine | March 2022

In this Issue: Our Heart-Centered Business is Anne Scottlin, The Power of Joy Institute Adele Anderson / The Journey The Hardest Climb Results in the Most Beautiful View Bonita Mosley / How a Vision Board Opens Your Life to New Possibilities Boris Glikman / Dilemma of Consciousness Clinton Johnson / Hypnotherapy As a Therapeutic Modality Maggie Marshall / Weave Your Own Web Sharon Carne / Spring Cleaning: Reset Body, Mind, Emotions and Spirit


Opal Rising Magazine | February 2022

In this Issue: Adele Anderson / We May Not Always Get What We Need Clinton Johnson / How to LOVE Yourself Maggie Marshall / Imaginal Realm Crystal Dawn / The Power of Pendulums Boris Glikman / Insignificant Speck or a Unique Bridge? Sharon Carne / Food For Your Heart: 3 Tips for Nourishing Your Heart with Sound


Opal Rising Magazine | January 2022

In this Issue: Adele Anderson / Drowning in a capsized plane may have been easier than widowhood Clinton Johnson / Defining Depression Maggie Marshall / Finding Sacred Peace Liberty Forrest / Challenge Yourself, You Are Worth It Boris Glikman / Remembrance of Things Imperfect: Sun


Opal Rising Magazine 2021

Opal Rising Magazine | December 2021

In This Issue: Adele Anderson / Out of Breath. Out of Time. Clinton Johnson / Understanding Anxiety Maggie Marshall / Joy in the Mystery Liberty Forrest / You Only Have Stress If You Believe It Boris Glikman / Remembrance of Things Imperfect: Moon