Challenge Yourself – You Are Worth It

Are you content where you are in life? Perhaps thinking you could do with a little change here and there, tweak a couple of things but for the most part, it’s all good?

Or do you want to progress in your life? Do you want to grow and develop personally and spiritually? Do you wonder just what else you might be able to achieve or accomplish if you just set your mind to figuring it out?

If you answered “Yes,” are you ready to go for it? Are you ready to begin taking steps to actually make all of that happen? Or are you going to just sit on the ideas but never really do anything?

Are You Ready to Make That Happen?

Assuming that you want to see what else you can learn about yourself and create in your life, you must be prepared for a challenge. You’ll need to be prepared to face people who push your buttons, because as soon as you start to do things differently, you’re going to hear about it from the people, particularly the ones closest to you.

Some of them are going to let you know that they don’t like the changes you’re making or the things you’re learning or the direction your life is going. Some of them are going to object and tell you all the reasons why you’re making a huge mistake or why you’re wrong or just plain foolish. They will say whatever it takes to prevent you from changing, because they don’t know how to react to the new-and-improving you. They don’t have a clue about what’s expected of them, or how to relate to you and the more different you become, the more they’re going to feel it.

This is especially true when people start to heal their emotional wounds and the nature of their relationships begin to change. They stop responding in familiar ways. They develop boundaries and don’t allow others to walk all over them any more. They begin to speak up instead of swallowing insults, abuse or criticism. They upset the family apple cart and it doesn’t go down well at all.

But whatever it is you’re changing about yourself and your life, and whatever the responses you get from the people who are in your circle of family and friends, they’ll be presenting you with opportunities to choose how you react.

Opportunities to Choose How You React

Will it be with anger, jealousy or fear? Or will it be with love, tolerance, acceptance, or a look inside yourself to see what needs healing? Will you choose action or reaction? Will you act on your desire for learning and growth, and on the opportunities to stretch yourself in search of a harmonious life?

When you are challenged you must remember to think about your intentions. What are they, and what do you hope to accomplish? If you don’t know the answer to those questions, you won’t be able to grow or deepen your sense of self-awareness. You have to know where you’re starting if you want to get to the end. You can’t pin the tail on that donkey if you’ve been blindfolded and spun around a bunch of times so you don’t even know what direction to take. To create authentic power, you have to be completely aware of yourself, your feelings and your intentions.

You Have to Be Completely Aware of Yourself and Your Intentions

If you’re in a state of unawareness, you can’t possibly fix or change them in a way that is going to be purposeful and help you along your path. As Dr. Phil McGraw says, “You can’t fix what you don’t acknowledge.”

First, you have to know what needs changing – or what you want to change. This will tell you what your intentions are and this will help you make choices that are in alignment with them. And just like the others around you may begin to rebel and try to make you be the way you used to be, part of you is likely to do the same thing.

There is often a battle between the soul, human desires, emotions, and ego. So you will be challenged by your intentions, whatever they are. You will be challenged by your fear, betrayal, anger, and any painful emotions that you are allowing to control you. When you stop allowing it, you take back the control and you are behind the wheel, just where you should be.

It takes time and practice but with the right intentions, you will create authentic power if that’s what you want. If it is your intention, the choice has already been made. And don’t let anyone derail you – not your family, your dearest friends, and especially not yourself.

Liberty Forrest

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