Reprogramming Techniques: The Final 5 Steps

In the past two issues, I disclosed secrets of reaching your subconscious mind, prepping yourself, and changing your beliefs. You might find you get occasionally lucky and you don’t have to do those steps (as explained in the last article), but if you do it thoroughly it makes the process reliable, dependable, and repeatable. Being able to depend on your techniques will greatly boost your confidence and your issues will seem a lot lighter and more fluid rather than hard and heavy. So, I highly recommend you review the last two articles to ensure you can guarantee your success in reprogramming your subconscious mind; once you have then let’s explore:

Once you have done the preliminary work then congrats, you have done the hard part! The last part is the easy part and is actually where people tend to start, and that is using visualization and affirmation.

Now that your subconscious mind agrees with the change you want to implement (this is imperative) then follow these steps:


Relax your mind as deeply as you can into a meditative state, use whatever technique you are familiar with to do so. Relax just short of going so deep you feel you’ll fall asleep. I often will get pulsing or tingling sensations in my brain and head when reaching this deeply. Now remember, the more you practice the easier you’ll be able to do this and the deeper you can go, but keep in mind you don’t need to go as deeply as many think; you can still reprogram your subconscious gradually with very light states of meditation. So just do your best to allow your mind to relax and enter whatever depth of hypnosis you are comfortable with (hypnosis being a state of altered consciousness).


Picture in your mind your old belief written in a book, or on a whiteboard, or on a computer etc., and see a large red marker crossing it out (or it being very obviously deleted if using a computer). Cross it out emphatically and confidently, but not violently or desperately. Keep your mind calm.


Use a similar method of visualizing a book/journal, computer, chalkboard/whiteboard, using bubble letters or whatever feels right for you; just pick some modality of inputting data. Once you have you’ll need to formulate appropriate affirmations and then simply implement them into the modality you chose. Repeat them several times each, seeing them and saying them inside your mind whilst simultaneously keeping your consciousness extremely relaxed and maintaining that meditative state.

Example: (Seeing the words in your mind) I am willing to love myself x3, I am willing to see my value x3, I am willing to be happy x3, It excites me to love myself x3, I allow myself to experience my value x3, I create my own happiness x3


Finally, visualize strongly and confidently. See the affirmations being implemented and manifesting in your own specific way. Example: See in your mind what it would look like if you valued yourself, let your imagination show you the differences that would be made and the positive change.


Last step, feel it! Feel the change strongly and let it in. And then trust, let go, completely let go. Do not undo your progress by doubting if you did anything at all, trust you did your best and move forward. It is like running a relay race, you have run your part of the race now pass off the baton to your teammate and trust them to run their part!

Be willing to do this technique as many times as needed for the desired result. Typically changes with fewer variables happen instantly and issues with more variables take more time. Good luck and enjoy the results!


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