Choosing and Working with the Energy of your Pendulum

The Power of Pendulums Part 2


This article appeared in Opal Rising Magazine APRIL 2022

Choosing and Working with the Energy of your Pendulum

Use your intuition to select a pendulum that you feel most comfortable with.

In Part One of this article from the Opal Rising February 2022 issue we talked about the history of pendulums and how they are thought to work.

Choosing and Working with the energy of your pendulum

To summarize:

• Pendulums exhibit their own frequencies and stable, rhythmic motion that can act as a receiver or transmitter for other energies.
• Our bodies are finely tuned to the universal flow of energy and the subtle movements of the pendulum can allow messages to come through it.
• To dowse or divine effectively, you need to still the mind and listen to your inner voice.
• Pendulums can provide guidance to answer yes/no questions or make decisions, find lost objects, tune into your body’s health and wellness, help with healing, and aid in spiritual development.
• Once you start to use your pendulum regularly, you will tune into its energy to help guide you through life.

So how do you choose a pendulum to work with?

A pendulum is made from a symmetrical, non-magnetic object that is attached from a center point to a light weight chain or string. Most often they are made of rings, metal or wooden weights, or crystals. The chain or string is made to a perfect length so that the pendulum can move freely and transfer energy between you and the pendulum. With a crystal pendulum, the properties of various gemstones will add their own vibrations to the information or energy transferred during dowsing. For example, rose quartz pendulums will often be used for questions about love and relationships because the frequency of rose quartz resonates with the heart chakra. Quartz crystals in general are excellent conductors of energy, but many other gemstones can be used depending on your needs. Maybe you’d prefer a ring of sentimental value that is infused with your energy and that you feel most connected with. Traditional pendulums such as tear drop shaped brass are also very appealing and popular. Use your intuition to select a pendulum that you feel most comfortable with.

Cleansing the Pendulum

Choosing and Working with the energy of your pendulum

Once you’ve selected your pendulum, be sure to cleanse it before using as it will have absorbed various energies from the store, previous owners, or any of its surroundings. You can use a smudging of sage, a full moon bath, grounding in the earth’s soil, visualization or whatever resonates with you. Just be sure to research the best cleansing method for the material of your pendulum, as some cleansing methods can be harmful for gemstones or metal. Once your pendulum is cleansed, store it safely away from electronic devices in a wood or glass box, wrapped in silk, or in a cotton bag to protect it from any external influences or damage. You can get more comfortable with your pendulum by carrying it with you in a small pouch in your pocket for several days. Hold it in your hands, meditate with it, connect with its energy, and allow it to connect with yours.

Getting Prepared

To prepare yourself for dowsing with your pendulum you may want to work in a quiet and undisturbed space to begin. Play some relaxing music if you wish, let your mind relax, take slow deep breaths and find your quiet within. Get in touch with your subconscious mind or intuition, as this is where you will find the information from your pendulum. Remember that you are the bridge between the pendulum and the energy it absorbs to transmit to you. Be open to receiving energy from your pendulum and don’t expect any particular outcome. Remember that meditational aids such as incense, candles and crystals may help to clear your mind, but they are not required -you can use your pendulum anywhere and anytime.
Hold your pendulum in whatever hand feels most comfortable with you. Hold the chain firmly between your thumb and index finger, allowing the weight to move freely. You can steady your elbow on the corner of a table if you need some extra support to keep your arm still while the pendulum swings. Now you’ll need to program your pendulum so that you can understand its energy and answers it will provide to you. Pendulums can provide “yes”, “no” or “maybe/no answer” responses. A swinging pendulum may move in various motions- circular clockwise, counter-clockwise or ellipse motions, side to side or up and down motions.

To program the pendulum, tell it what each answer looks like for you.

For example, you can tell your pendulum that a “yes” answer will be a circular clockwise motion, and a “no” answer will be a side to side straight motion. Show it how each motion looks, and then test it by asking simple questions that you know the answers to.

Choosing and Working with the energy of your pendulum

Alternatively, you can ask your pendulum to show you what each answer looks like to it. Until you establish a strong relationship with your pendulum, check the answers it gives to arbitrary questions first before you ask it more pertinent ones. Then you can be sure it’s showing you “yes” or “no” when needed.
You can ask your pendulum almost anything, but the question must be phrased so that it would have a ‘yes’, ‘no’ or ‘maybe’ answer. As long as it’s clear, simple and from a place of gaining genuine understanding and guidance, you can ask about yourself, your profession, relationships, health issues, food, chakra blockages, emotional issues, lost objects or pets, and more.

As you become more experienced and comfortable with using your pendulum you can try using various alphabet charts, or even maps, to help with gaining understanding and very detailed answers.
Of course, you still want to use your own intuition, instinct, wisdom and reason to make decisions, don’t rely solely on your pendulum to make these decisions for you. Always seek proper medical attention for anything that concerns you with your health and well-being.

Used carefully and wisely, pendulum dowsing can help lead you confidently, enabling you to discover and follow your dreams, and help you make decisions in times of uncertainty.

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Choosing and Working with the Energy of your Pendulum

Opal Rising Magazine APRIL 2022


Choosing and Working with the Energy of your Pendulum

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