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At 27 Adele Anderson survived a plane crash. That life and NDE experience, followed by the death of her husband, forever changed her perception of life, death and life after death. Choices and “SOUL”utions exist even in life’s most dire and painful circumstances.
She knows now that life always offers us more than we may see at first glance. She understands that the choices we make every day can change how we cope, thrive, and ultimately change the trajectory of our life.
For over 30 years she has had holistic practice: Homeopathy for body health; Neuro-Linguistic Programming to regulate equilibrium for the mind; reprogramming, empowering mental process; spiritual rituals and Akashic Records Reading that soothe the soul.
Adele provides a full complement of body, mind and soul remedies and soulutions for grief, plus NLP training, coaching and certifications to grieving leaders, committed to influencing maximum potential in themselves and their team through life most difficult circumstances.


Angel Morgan is a recognized and highly sought after media clairvoyant, animal communicator, and energetic expert. She strives to bring awareness to clients and audiences everywhere that we are all a bridge to many worlds. 

Her blog is a a lifestyle blog dedicated to audiences who want to learn, and live a more intuitive a daily feel lifestyle.

Raising Energy has been around for more than Twenty-two years. It is the umbrella company to many facets of Angel Morgan’s work as a spirit walker.

Raising Energy is also home to our animal specific website designed to care for all your animal communication needs. Angel works with those who are end of life care, after life communication,  behavioural issues, nurturing sessions, new pet sessions, and general sessions for all species. She also works with facilities, reserves, zoos and more to help maintain or grow animal environments for better health and well being.

Sandra Bargman, Life Coach

Actor/singer, author, ordained inter-spiritual minister and host of the weekly podcast, The Edge of Everyday on TalkRadio.NYC, based on her hit solo show of the same name. Contributing author to the #1 bestselling book, On the Shoulders of Mighty Women. Trained with Al Gore in 2017 to become a Climate Reality Leader. Founded Sacred Stages, LLC in 2014 with the mission to support seekers on their journey of self-discovery and what it means to walk the edge of being both human and spirit. The live CD recording of The Edge of Everyday available on CD Baby.

SHARON CARNE, Sound Wellness Institute

Sharon is a certified Sound Healer, a certified Reiki Master, and an Acutonics Practitioner. She is the author of “Listen From the Inside Out”, and has produced 8 CDs including “Transmutation, Shed the Negative”, “Woodland Song”, and “Blissful Chimes”, and a series of DVDs.
Sharon is regularly invited to speak for corporate and private events – many of them based within the medical community, such as the Integrative Health Institute at Mount Royal University, Canadian Blood Services, Canadian Mental Health Commission, the Alberta Health Region conference on Chronic Disease Management, the Manitoba Health Region, the National Health Work and Wellness conference in Quebec, numerous staff and teacher conferences, countless radio shows, and many corporate and private events.

LIBERTY FORREST, Heart-Centered Guidance

Be guided by a Spiritual Arts Mentor and Master Teacher
and discover why you are here, the lessons you’re
meant to learn, and how to follow that path.

BORIS GLIKMAN, Writer, Author, Philosopher

Boris is a writer, poet and philosopher from Melbourne, Australia.
“Writing for me is a spiritual activity of the highest degree. Writing gives me the conduit to a world that is unreachable by any other means, a world that is populated by Eternal Truths, Ineffable Questions and Infinite Beauty. It is my hope that these stories of mine will allow the reader to also catch a glimpse of this universe.”

CLINTON R JOHNSON, Eternal Health Services

Clinton R. Johnson is the owner of Eternal Health Services, a clinical hypnotherapist, and a meditation/metaphysics expert. Clinton is very compassionate, knowledgeable, friendly and professional. He specializes in treating anxiety, depression, addictions, trauma healing, and helps in facilitating personal growth. Clinton has helped heal over 1000 clients from all walks of life, all ages and professions, (including an Edmonton Oilers player).
He teaches each client how to meditate and heal themselves; as well as other concepts such as how to properly process emotions, heal trauma, heal the conscious and subconscious minds, and much more.


Maggie Marshall helps you remember your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences. She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.

CRYSTAL DAWN, Moonstone Lightworks

Crystal is the founder of Moonstone Lightworks based on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC.  She is a lightworker who loves to share the science behind energy modalities. With a professional background in chemistry, Crystal has also studied astrology and energy healing for over 30 years and currently practices intuitive astrology, tarot, crystals and reiki with her clients.

BONITA MOSLEY, Visionary Optimist

Bonita Mosley is a freelance content copywriter, artist, vision board workshop leader, and children’s book illustrator. All of her roles center around her spiritual gifts of teaching and encouraging others. Thousands of her students, from small children to adults, discovered art skills and imagination abilities, through her unique teaching approach. Bonita is also active in Christian Women’s Ministry in her church. Her weekly lifestyle articles appear in the Mulberry Press, a local Central Florida newspaper. She is married, has three adult sons, and is caretaker to her mother.

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