Don’t Reduce Your Dreams to Fit your Reality

Expand Your Reality Now to Fit your Dreams.

I’ll bet you have a dream. Maybe even more than one. And if you don’t have any right now, I’ll bet it’s because somewhere along the way, you had some that never came true.

And if that happened – especially if it happened a bunch of times – you might have given up on the notion of having dreams altogether. If that’s the case, it’s a sad state of affairs and it’s my mission in life to change that.

Am I going to promise that your dreams will all come true if you just click your heels together three times or something equally sweet but impossible?

Not a chance.

Am I going to disregard how much it hurts when dreams die or get blown to smithereens?

Nope. I know that pain all too well myself. I know how it feels to swear you’ll never dream again because it just never turns out like you thought and it hurts too much to see them crumble before your very eyes.

But does that mean you should never dream again?

Absolutely not.

There’s no guarantee that dreams will come true, just as there’s no guarantee that the plans you make in the morning for the rest of your day won’t get interrupted or derailed in some way. That’s life. It happens. And when it does, you make new plans. You adjust the old ones.

Or you create new dreams. They make life worth living. They give us something to work toward. They inspire us and ignite a creative spark inside us that tells us what really matters to us. And sometimes those dreams are tied to a sense of purpose. That’s pretty powerful, don’t you think?

When you have dreams, you’re only expected to do your best to achieve them. There’s no rule that says you have to get there, or that you can’t change your mind. But while you’ve got them, do your best to make them happen and heck, perhaps they’ll actually become your reality.

What’s crucial to the idea of having dreams is that they allow you to think outside the box and to create goals for yourself that will enhance your life when you reach them. They allow you the freedom to create a fulfilling life that will bring you and your family happiness.

If dreams are supposed to do all that, how can any of it happen if you don’t dream in a way that is bigger than your life is at the moment?

If your only dreams are to get a job you like better than the current one, or to pay off your credit cards, or to take a family holiday every year, then the most you can hope for is the job you like better, the credit cards to be paid off and the family holiday every year.

If you’re not thinking about any more than that, you’re not trying for any more than that. And if you’re not trying for any more than that, you won’t get any more than that. Life will be about plodding along, day after day, never knowing what great things you could achieve, what adventures you could have, or just how far you could really go.

We have imaginations. We are creative beings. Even if you’re not creative in the traditional sense (i.e. art, music etc.), you still have the ability to create your own world, your own life. You are still able to carve out a life for yourself that makes you happy, and that you find to be fulfilling and rewarding.

If having that job you like, with no debts and a family holiday leave you feeling fulfilled and blissful, then that’s great. More power to you. But if you find yourself sometimes being a bit wistful, wishing for that big house in the country, those exotic travels, the pursuit of hobbies that you think you can’t afford in time or money, or if there is anything else you wish you could do or try, then there’s a door with a dream on the other side of it.

Whether or not you choose to open that door is entirely up to you because you are the creator of your life, the master of your destiny, the weaver of your own dreams. No one but you can make them come true.

If you restrict your dreams by thinking you will only ever achieve the mundane, the usual, the average, then that’s exactly what you’ll get. But if you lift yourself out of what you already have and you allow yourself to imagine the possibilities, your life will begin to open up, and to blossom and unfold in a way that begins to take you down new and exciting roads.

Dreams don’t cost anything. They just ask to be heard, to be acknowledged. And what they give you in return will be amazing.

Go on. Open that door. And see where it leads you. It can only be somewhere wonderful.

By Liberty Forrest

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