Finding Sacred Peace


What do you want when you think of peace? Do you want calmness, stillness, quiet? Is peace lack of conflict? Is it oneness, bliss?

Could it be that peace is a foundational state from which we find joy? Do we find our inner strength, authority and trust in the universe from a state of peace? Or does trust in the universe give us peace and strength?

Sacred Peace

And what does sacred mean? For me, all life is sacred – life of the universe, the planet, our bodies, and the ecosystems inside and outside our bodies. We are spirit and nature. We have forgotten this in our isolation, separation and reductionist view of everything.

For me, sacred peace comes from that connection to the earth and the universe, or God, if you prefer. It is peace that is inside, in my core, no matter the circumstances. It is a trust that all will be well, or that I can handle whatever comes. I am being guided and cared for, even if things look bad, or even if death is around the corner.

Sacred peace comes from being our authentic, sovereign selves, that sureness we can feel inside. Sacred peace comes from surrendering to our intuition.

Blocks to Sacred Peace

What keeps us from finding this inner peace, this connection to the universe, this divinity? Perhaps we feel the need to control ourselves, others and all the outer circumstances. We don’t believe that any higher power, or higher self, is there to help us out.

Our perceptions are not our own. We are overwhelmed by emotions. We are full of fear, including fear of death. I think that fear of death is at the basis of all our fear. We can’t find that still point inside, that place of just being, that knowing we are not alone but a part of something so big we can’t even imagine it.

Embodying Sacred Peace

How do we embody sacred peace?

There are many breathing exercises that help the body relax and let go. We inspire and expire – get in touch with life and spirit, and also let go of the toxic. Yoga and other body-mind or spiritual practices that ease, balance and revitalize our nervous system will allow the flow of peaceful energy.

Walking in nature exercises the body as well as nourishes the mind. Even if we are in our head, we can bring ourselves back to the present, and use all our senses to connect. In this moment, where are we? Where is the beauty? Feel the boundaries diffuse between you and another earth being – an animal, a tree, a flower. Breathe in nature, in all its diversity. Breathe in life. Expand your consciousness.

Walk barefoot on the earth and receive the microbes and frequencies of our planet. Be in relationship with her, in coherence with her. Receive her invitations. Surrender to her and who you really are. Embrace the simplicity.

Sacred Energy

How else do we connect with sacred energy? We can say sacred words and chants, pray or meditate. We can visit sacred spaces, where energies seem more powerful, even if it is only in our imagination. Mountains often seem sacred, as do oceans. The beauty of a sunset, dazzling light, or anything that brings wonder and awe can be sacred. Looking into the eyes of an animal can make you feel “wonderful.”

I remember walking on a public path in the woods when I came across a bush right beside the path, with several hummingbirds flitting around it. I stopped in wonder. How often do you get to see hummingbirds hanging around? And so close. As I was standing there one flew up and hovered right in front of my face. I felt such love, peace and joy.

I was in the present, the moment. This is where you can find that peace. Other people walked by and didn’t even notice. They didn’t wonder why I was just standing there. They were likely in their minds.

Sacred energy can be felt in spiritual connection to all earthlings, to other people on a soul level, and to people who have even passed to the other side. When we realize this and practice this connection, we find sacred peace.

Sacred Human

We need to fall in love with being human again with all our flaws and messiness. We need to fall in love with the earth again, reintegrate with nature and the vibration of life. We have the tools to receive a broader consciousness, an inner knowing, a gut knowing. We are antennae and we’ve blocked the signal.

We can’t find sacred peace in our computers. They are wonderful tools, but not spiritual connectors. We can’t find peace in isolation, fear and the sterilization of our world.

Sacred peace eases the loneliness and isolation of our current society. If we can find it in ourselves, we can ease stress and stay a little healthier.

We can find peace in meditation or imagination. Sit, be still and see what comes. Imagine you are in a beautiful place that gives you peace, and sit there. Remember who you really are.

Remember your true nature – your free spirit, strength and love.

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