Heart-Centered Business Feature: Anne Scottlin

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This article appears in Opal Rising magazine MARCH 2022

Heart-Centered Business Feature: Anne Scottlin

Anne Scottlin, MA, CPC, is a Best Selling Author, Speaker and Emotional Wellbeing Expert with a focus on Joy! She leads innovative corporate training and coaching for emotional wellness, optimal work-life integration and personal fulfillment.

Anne produces a down-to-earth motivational weekly show. Her energy and enthusiasm attract clients worldwide to her workshops, retreats, and online courses where she helps corporate leaders and entrepreneurs celebrate life again!
Anne teaches her clients how to harness the genius of Joy to create a fulfilling life and to maximize their impact.

Anne Offers ♥

Leadership, Training and Development, Consulting, Mastermind Groups, Coaching and Mentoring, Program Management, Business Development, Writing and Public Speaking, Idea and Solution Generation.
Podcast and Publications:
Her weekly podcast addresses real challenges in life and work and offers practical solutions that listeners can incorporate immediately to improve their wellbeing and joy.

Heart-Centered Business Feature: Anne Scottlin

In Anne’s Words

I am Actualizing My Life’s Vision by establishing The Power of Joy Institute—helping business professionals and college students reduce record levels of anxiety and sadness by teaching them emotional wellness solutions.

I’ve been working in the industries of motivation and wellbeing for over a decade. I’m a best selling author, podcaster, emotional wellness specialist and joyful living teacher. I train professionals how to better cultivate their individual fulfillment and wellbeing as critical elements for more successful work-life integration.

As a teacher and corporate trainer I offer workshops and courses, serve as a consultant to the corporate wellness industry and just published a new book, Live for Joy. I blend the insights I’ve gained from my formal training and certifications with a sense of strong natural instinct and practical techniques that create my Power of Joy system.

I’m Anne Scottlin and I help you start celebrating your life again! I teach you how to infuse your life and work with joy, motivation and emotional wellbeing. And I give you tools to help you transform negative stress into useful energy that drives your success.

I’m a nature lover, mountain-hiking foodie, doting dog mama to my adorable Mini Schnauzers, award winning actress and writer, and I’m obsessed with medieval history. Whenever I can, I hop on a plane to explore more of our planet and meet new people. My friends and clients know me for my warm empathy and joie de vivre.

Anne is an outdoor enthusiast with a passion for nature and animals, advocate for Human Rights and Animal Rescue. Also an experienced actress with a demonstrated history of working in the film and television industry. http://www.IMDb.me/AnneScottlin
Website: AnneScottlin.com
Social Links
: https://www.linkedin.com/in/annescottlin/
Twitter: @AnneScottlin
Instagram: @AnneScottlin

Heart-Centered Business Feature: Anne Scottlin

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