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Defining Depression

Truthfully, every living person has some experience with depression on a day-to-day basis, you just might not be aware of it or it is normalized. Much like when you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, by the time you feel truly or clinically depressed you…

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How to LOVE Yourself

By Clinton R Johnson Self-love is arguably the single most important aspect of life, because it inherently expands every area of your life. Very little is possible without self-love, it is a topic of ravenous interest to most people. But you will notice that it…

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Living From the Heart

Ancient Egyptians once said that the earth and everything on it was filled with magic. And humans embody this magic within the soul’s eternal vitality.  Aristotle believed the soul energies were connected to the heart. Egyptians also believed you must listen to and live through…

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Understanding Anxiety

Anxiety; just reading or hearing that one word is capable of eliciting emotion. Anxiety is a massively popular topic in our society, one saturated with confusing and sincerely unhelpful misinformation. But there is also truly helpful and effective information available as well. I’ve done 10…

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