Imaginal Realm

This article appears in Opal Rising magazine FEBRUARY 2022

Imaginal Realm


Imagination and intuition get a bad rap in our society. They are discounted.

“It’s all in your head.”

“You’re wasting time if you daydream.”

“There is no purpose to it.”

Artists and musicians are given some credit for imagination and creativity, but it is not really a way to make a living, unless you’re really talented, or really lucky. These aspects of ourselves are not a high priority in our world, unless it is connected to money.

I used to think I wasn’t creative because I’m not an artist. I finally realized that creativity is everywhere, in all of us. This is what we are here to do. This is one of our powers. It is in every human.

It’s in nature too. Nature is creative, responsive and adaptive. As are we. We are co-creators. We create through energy and imagination, not through just thinking and doing.

We are called lazy if we aren’t busy all the time. What if the time we spend dreaming and imagining is just as important to living a fulfilled life, or even more important?

Vibration and Perspective

What if the imaginal realm is super important to our health and happiness? I hear it said that we manifest our thoughts. Our outer world mirrors our inner world. I think “Oh yeah, I can change society and the world by thinking it into being. No way. I’m not that powerful.”

But what if that is not what it really means? What if it is about perception, and we can create our own little bubble of peace and calm, which vibrates out into the world?

Our connections with others will change as they are attracted by a peaceful vibration. We won’t attract so many angry or confrontational people.

Also, our body will gratefully accept a relaxed and peaceful energy. Our health will be better.

Maybe we will even change the world from this place of peace, if that is our role in life. Maybe our role is to adjust the world vibration by changing our own, even if it is in a small way.

Embodying Imagination

What is one way to increase our vibration?

I’m spending a lot of time in the imaginal realm lately. It’s the only way I feel I can survive the state of the world – the division and cruelty I see.

My spirit animals and guides appear to me with information, comfort and joy. I become curious about them and what they have to “say.” They appear and I follow where they lead.

It’s not only that. I now often feel a deep peace in my body with some guides who are currently keeping me company. I suppose it is a kind of embodied imagination. Camel is giving me great comfort these days. I feel his protection, strength and guidance.

It also helps to imagine myself in places I love and feel the joy and beauty of being there. I know I’m not seeing it exactly as if I was “really” there, but I can “sense” it. I can imagine the smells, the sights and the feel of it all.

My body responds to these memories and places. The mind doesn’t know the difference. It knows the healing vibration of joy and peace.


Memories may even help us raise our vibration.

For many years, but even more lately, I have been having what I call memory flashbacks. They come in a flash and are gone. I have not consciously attracted them. They just appear.

What I have noticed is that I am finding more joy in the memories than I had at the time they occurred. I am “imagining” a much more fun, peaceful or loving time from my current perspective and state of being.

This is a form of reframing, I suppose, and it is just happening on its own. I’m not wishing to go back to whom we all were then. I am just reliving the past in a better way.

This is good for my physical, mental and spiritual health. And maybe I can take these feelings into a future visioning of a more community-centred, compassionate and free world.

Mysterious Peace

When I visit the imaginal realm, I can let the other world flow by me. It is not my world anymore. I feel no connection to it, except for what I need to do to survive. I guess if I was a breatharian, I wouldn’t even need to eat.

That’s not to say I put my head in the sand, but I feel more detachment from it all. I am not as triggered by it. If tears come, I let them come and I let them pass. If joy comes, I embrace it.

There is so much we don’t know about the world and our powers. We have been so programmed to think we are material, mechanical beings with no power of our own. We have been programmed to feel like we are victims. Let’s change that.

What beautiful places or memories can you revisit in your imagination to bring you peace, joy and love?

Remember your true creative nature – vibration, imagination and intuition.


Opal Rising Magazine FEBRUARY 2022


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