Journey of Soul-itude


With my intention set, I settled into 6 hours of soul-itude.

Within a few minutes two lovely effervescent white doves appeared above my head, and descended effortlessly onto my shoulders.

In perfect unison, wings flowed gently forward and back, pushing rainbows of light into the air they fanned.

Strands of rainbow threads flooded my vision and a feeling of protection washed over my soul. I had entered the sacred passageway of my first soul journey

The second dose found me nested in a fetal position, my body temperature chilled, bubbling up again as a smile played at the corners of my mouth. Curiosity poked at my subconscious as my chest adjusted to the slow rhythm of breath.

Tears fell unnoticed upon the pillow beneath my head, my lips quivering gently as I rode the first wave of this night’s release. It was time to let go, that was why I was here.

So, I reached inward, sought out the healer within, with gratitude and a willing heart I chose to release past years of pain.

And I breathed

And I breathed

Inward outward


Slowing down

Until my breath became so imperceptible that I had to trust that it would continue without witness

My body fell into rhythm with breath, offering me further permission to let go. Energy of a wispy white mist vanished upward, and I entered a state of pure and complete relaxation.

With the final offering, my body became undetectable just as the ego vanished into nothingness.

My soul now free, began to reveal my true nature, empty of judgment, abundant in grace, generous in love, unified with stories spoken and unmarred by pain.

Deep wounds liberated themselves, falling on open faultless hearts, then surrendered themselves into the silence.

A blue star rose on the horizon of my slowly beating heart, shattered within the blank space of my consciousness, revealing a molten crusted heart beneath.

The hard blackened crust then cracked open, revealing the rich molten red visibly weeping outward.

Then several angelic hands; some large, some infinitely small; appeared to rescue this broken heart from my chest.

Fingertips encircled and balanced the heated orb, gently molding the shape, the color softened as they worked to cool my pain, and the tone eased again.

Molten red transformed into the brightest of stars, I felt my spirit rejoice, tears falling, while my heart sang with ease once more, and this beautiful bright star was gently returned to my chest.

I felt the music in the air enter my body, tuned into the words that became stories within my mind and warmth awakened my blood and bones as I felt my heart beat again, this time softly, evenly and with ease.

As consciousness stirred, the light of a lone candle opened my vision to the journey that had just come to a close.

But I knew that the messages revealed that night had only begun to emerge.

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