Living From the Heart


Living From the Heart

Ancient Egyptians believed the heart was the key to the afterlife.

Ancient Egyptians once said that the earth and everything on it was filled with magic. And humans embody this magic within the soul’s eternal vitality.  Aristotle believed the soul energies were connected to the heart. Egyptians also believed you must listen to and live through the heart in order to unleash your soul, with the heart being the key to afterlife.

As a person seeking conscious wisdom I believe in living in heart based consciousness for a few reasons.  To live in harmony with others, to make decisions out of love and kindness and to enable a connection with my higher self. I find a deeper sense of satisfaction, purpose, happiness and wisdom when I live this way.

Living from the heart helps me to become a better version of myself each day.

And that leads me to another two great reasons; unconscious patterns of behavior can be interrupted by tuning into your heart. And two, I have come to realize that if our heart isn’t in it to win it, it probably isn’t going to happen.

The process of heart based living begins with a little bit of Morse code.

Feel free to take a moment to connect by tuning into the beat of your heart. This is more easily achieved by placing your hand over your chest. Focus on the beat and simply breathe. Soon your heart and mind will synchronize in the present moment.

Living From the Heart

Slow your breathing down, to 5-5-7 meaning 5 seconds to inhale through your nose, hold for 5 and then exhale through pursed lips for 7 seconds, repeat 5 times. In just a few moments of conscious focus and breath, you can find yourself in a state of heart-based consciousness, present in the moment and plugged into intuition.

Now, the physical heart and the energetic heart beat as one.

Our energetic heart connects us with our higher self and channels information to our biological heart, operating on and downloading wisdom from a plane outside of space or time.

Even though heart intelligence is available to all, allowing access to higher awareness and intuition, when mind, emotions and the heart synchronize, how often do we use it?

With awareness, intention and with practice over time, a heart intelligence practice has many benefits, including deepening our connection to our consciousness, increasing our ability to live in harmony, feel unity, and being able to more effectively self-regulate intelligence and emotions which results in expanded consciousness and a new psychological and physiological base line.

Imagine your heart and soul connection being in sync with the universe; this is where we can watch magic happen. These are the times when life is effortless and easy because you are in flow. You may recall experiencing moments some call serendipity: like when the phone rings, it is the friend you were just thinking about. Or you have a craving for your favorite food and someone invited you for dinner and that is what they are serving. Or you look across a crowded room and fall in love, instantly.

Magic arises from being in tune with the soul and in the moment; allowing the intuition antenna to send signals throughout the universe, love and harmony expand and magic is unleashed.

Soul connection may be one key to self-realization, dissolving feelings of separateness, isolation, geography, skin tone, language and culture; where the mind divides, the soul unifies.

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