Messages From Our Own Wisdom

Inner Wisdom

I have all kinds of ways to get in touch with spirit guides, nature and myself. They’re all one anyway.

Recently I was tapping (EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique) on the subject of overthinking and saw myself on calm water in a boat. I received the messages – “The water inside will hold me. The water inside will heal me. Nature will hold me. I will be okay.”

Water fascinates me and I plan to research its material and spiritual qualities. It is so much more than we think. If water makes up at least 60% of us, on average, and about 70% of the planet is covered by water, it must be pretty important. Our thoughts affect water, so ideally we can heal more deeply than we think by communicating with it. Maybe we don’t need all these outside authorities, conventional or holistic, as much as we think, to heal.

I’m not saying we never need help. We do. There is a balance, though, between trusting our inner ability to heal and trusting all the outer systems. The body is amazing. It knows what to do. I am gradually learning this lesson.

We receive true messages from going inside, from the stillness. The answers and wisdom can be surprising, something you never would have “thought of.” We just need to trust. Supplementing with reading and research is great, if you are that type, but totally relying on these outside sources can be very distracting. Trust me, I know. I come from science and research. Learning to trust my intuition is a life-long journey for me, I expect.

Spirit Animals


Camel has been appearing to me in spirit lately.
I see a vast desert and I am with camel. I am not alone and I can feel the sand beneath my feet, see the vastness and know I am guided on this journey.
To me, both camel and desert mean I am enough. I have the resources I need inside. Sometimes it takes me to an historical Middle Eastern village, a kind of oasis, where I gain more images and messages. When I look up camel as a power animal it mentions endurance, releasing our burdens and finding our way.

Even their life history gives clues as to what our spiritual connection might mean in our current circumstances. Camels are extremely adapted to their environment, the desert. They provide food and textiles, and carry us and our cargo. Camels have heavy eyelashes to keep out sand and they can squeeze their nostrils shut. Their toes are adapted for walking on sand. They withstand heat and can rehydrate quickly. How might any of this great adaptability relate to our current life?


In another meditative time, I received an image of a muskox. I connected with the image and discovered a feeling of being protected and safe. I merged with it to feel this – “I am safe and protected from the cold. My coat is heavy and thick. We are in a circle facing outward to protect our young from danger. We are a unit.” I feel this togetherness, this community of protection, and it comforts me. When I look muskox up, it confirms qualities of survival, loyalty and connection. In material life, musk oxen are well adapted to the Arctic. They have a double layer of fur to protect them from the cold. Their sharp and strong hooves help them dig in frozen ground for plants. Their eyes have horizontal pupils to protect them from the sun’s glare on the snow.

Isn’t it amazing how these creatures are adapted to their environment, and how these qualities relate to the spiritual interpretation? I wonder how humans are adapted, and if we even realize our relationship to nature, the land and the cosmos?

Nature Visits

Sometimes messages come spontaneously, or an animal crosses my path and gives me a message. I feel into what the animal totem means to me, into its essence, its beauty. How might I feel if I was it? I merge with it.

For example, a coyote crossed the road in front of me recently. For me, the coyote is very independent, smart and cunning. It can adapt to just about any environment, even cities. When I looked up the spirit totem, it was similar but added the element of the trickster and lightening up. Coyote also encourages us to be individuals and find our inner knowing. Unfortunately, because coyotes live near humans and impact ranchers and pets, they are often considered to be pests.

Interpreting Messages

We don’t have to logically explain and analyze what we receive. Metaphors are very powerful. It’s not always quantifiable or logical. Just trust you know somewhere inside and be guided.

I often receive images that seem cartoonish or totally ridiculous. It will still have a message received by my mind or body. Sometimes I laugh at what I get. It can be fun.

We can learn more about nature by connecting in these ways on a spirit level, and checking out their life history to see what may apply to our circumstances. It makes a much more varied and interesting world. These inward journeys often bring in new places and vistas as well. It’s like going on a travelogue.

What kinds of images and messages do you receive in your spiritual work, whether meditation or other forms of mindfulness and awareness. Various embodiment practices work as well, as we are mind and body together.

Experiment with feeling into what you receive. Consider that these images and metaphors are personal guides for you.

Remember your true nature – spirit, power and wisdom.

Maggie Marshall; Messages From Our Own Wisdom

Maggie Marshall

Maggie Marshall helps you in remembering your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences. She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.

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