Metaphysical and Spirituality

Opal Rising Magazine features metaphysical and spirituality articles in our online magazine. Our articles are published every Tuesday and Thursday.

Imaginal Realm

What if the imaginal realm is super important to our health and happiness? I hear it said that we manifest our thoughts. Our outer world mirrors our inner world. I think “Oh yeah, I can change society and the world by thinking it into being.…

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We May Not Always Get What We WANT

My suitcase was packed, tickets, and plans carefully laid in place. I had said from the get-go that I was not doing Christmas. Last year, Christmas was painful enough, wondering if it would be our last, and still not believing that was even possible.

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Meet Angel Morgan, Clairvoyant

I am so pleased to welcome Angel Morgan as a columnist for the Opal Rising Magazine. Watch for her Question and Answer column beginning in the January 2023 issue of Opal Rising Magazine. Angel Morgan is a recognized and highly sought after media clairvoyant, animal communicator, and energetic expert. See more about her on our…

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