Perspectives on Awakening Chakras

When you become aware of your chakras, through activation – also called “awakening” – feelings of energy flow through you and heal you – and connecting you with the oneness of the universe. Awakened chakra energies may cumulate into a totality of energy which creates a body of health, wellness and embodied wisdom often glorified by an energy halo. An energy halo differs from an energy aura only as a representation of the degree of spiritual awakening and overall chakra health. Most of us spend many lifetimes awakening our chakras to a state of enlightenment and liberation identified by a halo of energy.

Kundalini Energy

There is a lot that has been written on how to activate and or awaken your chakras, but little about the value or purpose of this awakening. It is believed that kundalini energy is the ultimate life force energy since it is the source of the energy that begins, and then supports, the activation-awakening of our chakras. It is an innate energy that lies dormant at the base of our spine in the area of Root or 1st chakra. When we activate this energy, it flows within us resembling the wavy shape of a serpent, curving from the base of the spine through all of our chakras to the crown at the top of our head, and giving each chakra an energy “boost” along the way. The result of this “boost” is an expanded state of consciousness.

As our kundalini energy rises into our 7th or Crown chakra, the awakening / activation causes enhanced energy and brilliance to emerge. The color of this energy often begins as a brilliant white and then deepens from white to golden as the length of time the chakra remains awakened grows. This energy may appear, and is often portrayed, as a sun-circle or a crescent-shape halo around the head.

A Halo or An Aura

A halo is different from an aura. Aura is “seen” as a luminous body surrounding the physical one. Each layer, and any problems within it, surround your body in a cocoon of energy.

Perspectives on Awakening Chakras
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Human beings radiate a very low level of electricity known as an electromagnetic field. Ancient medical systems (e.g. Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Yoga) believe this energy is expressed in seven layers with each correlating to a different element of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health. In my experience seeing and working with these layers of energy, they interact with one another, and the chakras, and exert an influence upon our overall health. It is deliberate that these seven layers of energy have the same color signatures and vibrations, enlivening and challenges, as the seven major chakras.

The energy halo around the head is considered the energy signature identifying an awakened being. The evolutionary process of awakening the chakras is not the property of one group or one religion, it is the birthright of every human being on Earth. In the ancient Yogic tradition, yoga postures were used to prepare the body for meditation. Hatha yoga was intended as a way to link one’s outer (mental, emotional and physical) and inner (spiritual) worlds thereby allowing evolutionary energies to unfold and chakras to awaken naturally.

More and more, humans are becoming identified exclusively with their thoughts. This exclusivity results in increased difficulty achieving balance between the inner and outer forces which allow for kundalini energy to awaken naturally. If we come to identify only with the illusion of a life force energy we are prevented from directly experiencing our consciousness.

The Crown Chakra

The Crown Chakra is our connection to The Divine – the Oneness which is beyond duality, beyond name and form.

An awakened crown chakra represents an understanding of divinity and wisdom and a discovery of our divine within that unites kundalini and consciousness. It is an indication of individual advancement.

In Hindu and Yogic traditions, the crown chakra is called Sahasrara meaning “the thousand petal lotus” and is represented by a Flower of Life pattern said to be “the Seed of Life”. The Buddha is associated with the lotus; the lotus has come to symbolize enlightenment and knowing. Each chakra is represented as a lotus pattern symbolizing a center through which the world may be experienced. As we experience the changing patterns in the world, we awaken our body’s energy centers – chakras – and their associated layers of meaning.

When we focus our awareness on objects reflective of higher chakras, kundalini energy flows up the spine into those chakras and enables spiritual evolution. For example, when we focus our energy on food, shelter and other safety and survival needs, our kundalini energy has nowhere to flow because these are the objects of the root chakra. When we focus our energies on animal urges and sexual energies, our energy is divided between producing more sperm or eggs, and fueling the activation of higher chakras.

When we focus on kindness, compassion, and unconditional love, we raise not only our vibration but also our state of consciousness. Our state of consciousness creates the right conditions for our energy to be able to grow.

Eckhart Tolle says entering a state of consciousness takes zero time: “Awareness and presence always happen in the now.”

The Sanskrit word “hatha” means “in sun” (“ha”) and “in moon” (“tha”). When the polarities of the dual world are in balance, we unlock the evolutionary forces of nature. We synthesize the sun and moon energy channels representing our evolutionary energy. As kundalini energy rises and awakens our higher chakras, we have various experiences – none of which are right, wrong or required.

These experiences (an incomplete list) may indicate inner balance and awakening:

  • Increased compassion, desire to be of service, and recognition of oneness
  • Feeling intense grief for the planet and all suffering beings
  • Sense of purpose and destiny
  • Inspired to make life-altering decisions
  • Feeling raw and extremely vulnerable
  • Increased synchronicity of meaningful-miraculous ‘coincidences’
  • Increased sensory sensitivity – both pleasurable and distressing
  • Courage, willingness and desperation to try new things
  • Awareness of internal energies, intuition, and inner truth
  • Increase in lucid dreaming
  • Increased spiritual, psychic or extrasensory abilities
  • Dreaming of snakes or seeing snakes

When we embody a balance of our inner and outer forces, we allow for kundalini energy to awaken naturally. We allow for the direct experience of our consciousness. We rise above being slaves to our own desires and cravings, and this doing enables our kundalini energy to rise within us and awaken our chakras for our more evolved health, wellness and enlightened life experiences.

Perspectives on Awakening Chakras
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Perspectives on awakening chakras
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