Putting Your VISION Into ACTION

Bit by bit, piece by piece, word by word – put it together! Putting Your Vision Into Action.

Over the years, I’ve gathered a studio full of scraps and bits. They fill closets, drawers and bins. I’m as proud of my creative collection as some men are of a garage of classic cars!

It’s comforting to know that when the bug to create a masterpiece bites me, I can drag out my stash and begin. I eventually had to pull the collecting plug. Now, when I need a certain button for a quilt, or cut-out word for a journal, I first “shop the house”. My goal is to use every scrap and bit during my lifetime. I should put that on my vision board.

But you may not have the studio space, the patience, or the temperament to live with a collection of “junk” to make art, no matter how organized. So, where do you get the images and words you need to add to your vision board?

So, where do you get the images for your vision board?

Keep it simple. Start with the junk mail that invades your mailbox daily. Cut out words and phrases that strike your spirit- grow, reach, this is my year! etc… Then put them in an envelope or shoebox.

Go ahead and cut out pictures from the sales catalogs, magazines, and flyers. Buy a magazine about your favorite subject- like tiny houses- and cut out your dream. Add those pictures to your shoebox or folder. Go online to find photos and print them out.

Look for words and images that fit your nine categories of life. * Health *Personal Relationships *Social life *Education *Hobbies/passions * Money *Business *Spiritual life *Home environment.

 Add some fillers for the background of your board. Soft patterns work really well. Scrap book pages come in every imaginable pattern. Napkins are a great source of beautiful fillers. Dollar stores stock a nice variety.

Poster Board

Next, get a standard heavyweight poster board, a large sketch book, a poster board folded into squares or accordion style, or even fabric scraps to glue onto an empty canvas. Whatever you use, you want to be able to keep the finished piece where you can see it.

Putting Your Vision Into Action; scrap books

Art Journals make creative Vision Boards. Open the page flat to add the images and words to the pages. Be sure to let the pages dry before doing the next one or closing the book. I find, separating the pages with a sheet of wax paper works well as a moisture barrier.

Vision Boards work because they match your emotional response to the words and images. By focusing on your intention, you’ll accomplish or attain your desire. Don’t put any “shoulds” on your board. Only use words and images that make your heart say, Yes!!

Putting your vision into action; old books
Old books can be altered into Vision board pages by cutting, pasting and folding the pages.
Putting Your Vision into action; poster board
Use a poster board and hang it on your wall.

Now put some action to your dreams!

Place the board where you can see it every day. When you glance at it, feel why you chose the images and words you did. Enjoy remembering the inspiration each one gave you. If you put on something that doesn’t inspire you, remove it or add another image over it.

Now speak to your board, “I am so happy and grateful that I have these things in my life.”  Say something positive that says you already own this life. Be ready for them to come to you.

Take action when doors open. People who are meant to help you appear in your life, because you’ll be ready to recognize them. And you’ll be open to the idea you’ve been waiting for when it comes into your mind. It’s not magic, it’s your mind helping you recognize the way to make your dream life come true.

It’s important that everything on your board is forward thinking. Don’t put things that you’ve already done, past accomplishments, or where you are now. That won’t help you move forward.

Every time you meditate on the board, your mind is refreshed to recognize opportunities so that you can act on them. You’ll begin to see the things on your board manifest in your life. It’s like raising the antenna to get better reception.

I’m thrilled to tell you that my board has completely manifested! I’ll start a new one now to reflect my life to come. This time, I’ll use a large sketchbook for my vision board.

In time, you’ll need to make a new vision board for the leap forward your life has taken. Why not try a new format next time?  You are only limited by your imagination. Have fun and enjoy the journey!

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