Serenity in September: Spiritual Wellbeing


Summer holidays are over. The kids return to school. Everything else starts and activity ramps up. If you have children there are the hours in the car, going to music lessons, dance lessons, karate, soccer and a myriad of other activities.

Overnight, our schedules can go from “easy, breezy days of summer” to “crazy busy”! And then there is the first rush of colds as soon as the schools fill up. And our immune systems take on their first big “hit” of the season. On top of that there are the expected wave(s) of the pandemic that has impacted the lives of everyone.

Welcome to the beginning of September. Take a deep breath… Pause…Take another deep breath.

A Sanctuary of peace and wellbeing exists within you. Have you forgotten that? Our deepest sense of wellbeing comes from the indominable spirit within us.

One of the most ignored aspects of overall wellbeing is spiritual wellness. Spiritual self-care is absolutely essential to health and wellbeing. The consequences of ignoring this crucial aspect of your health can show up in dramatic ways! It can feel like a kick from the crown chakra.

Spiritual wellbeing is where you access peace, bliss, love, compassion, joy and all of the highest qualities of what it means to be human. Spiritual wellness is that place of peace and purpose within that gives you the grace to handle whatever challenges and joys life brings your way.

You can never lose these qualities. They are a permanent part of your being! But you can lose touch with these crucial parts of yourself, especially if you get too caught up in the busyness of life.

One of the consequences of this busyness is that emotional energy doesn’t get dealt with or is not allowed to flow. This stagnant energy clutters up your body and energetic systems like dust bunnies under the couch. Clearing out some of this emotional energy creates space and clarity for your beautiful spirit to support your soul work.

In reality, you were created as a whole being and will always be whole. We create a dis-connect with this reality when we perceive ourselves as fractured, or less than whole.

Creating meaning in your life creates wholeness in your heart. When you create wholeness in your heart, you create wholeness in your entire being. And when you create wholeness in your entire being, you bring wholeness to our planet.

Sound and music, since time immemorial, are activities that remind us of our wholeness. The natural healing ability of your being is stimulated by reminders of your wholeness. One heart at a time is how we heal a fractured world.

My heart has been called over the past few months to create sound experiences to support you in creating heart / brain coherence. When your heart and brain are operating at the same frequency, you feed your spiritual wellbeing in a powerful way.

Here are two experiences for you to explore as ways to connect and support that shining inner you:

1. Nourishing Your Heart

Nourishing your heart sometimes involves putting yourself in a washing machine, wringing out all the remaining nooks and crannies and filling your being with light. Then you can fill your heart with nourishment and love.

In order to fill your being with nourishment and love, you need to release any old energy that is ready to go. This creates space for nourishment, love and energy to move forward.

The link below will take you to a sound healing recording on our website to assist you to do just that. This is a new recording created as a gift for you to support your heart with healing frequencies, nourishment and love.

2. Journey to the Sacred Heart

Creating coherence between your heart and your brain allows you to bask in connection with your deepest, inner you. Heart/brain coherence is when your heart and your brain are operating at the same frequency.

This stimulates a flood of healthy hormones from your nervous system that helps to reduce symptoms of stress and create wellbeing and happiness.

More than this, it gives you perspective. As our human family continues to navigate through unprecedented challenges, we do need to be aware of the moments of stress and worry.

Stress, fear and worry are powerful emotions. They are emotions that keep you stuck in an emotional loop by continuing the loop. Like a hamster running endlessly on an exercise wheel. Most of the time, we don’t even know we’re in an emotional loop. Stress can be insidious, habitual and even contagious.

Creating coherence between your heart and your brain interrupts this cycle in a powerful way.

So, smile at yourself for those moments when symptoms of stress become stronger than happiness. Forgive your forgetfulness and let’s begin with relaxing clearing and chakra balance followed by a journey to your sacred heart chamber.

Click here for my new meditation and sound experience on our Sound Wellness YouTube channel,

Journey to the Sacred Heart:

May your September be filled with serenity and inner connection.

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