Submissions by holistic practitioners that are interested in sharing their knowledge with our readers are always appreciated.

Suggested word count: 300-1200 words

The magazine categories are:

  • Astrology and the Heavens
  • Crystals and Pendulums
  • Holistic Nutrition and Wellness
  • Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Metaphysical and Spirituality
  • Energy Healing Modalities
  • ...if you are not sure if your article fits, please feel free to contact me!

Article Guidelines

There are just a few guidelines when submitting your article for review. The most important thing to know is the difference between an article and an advertorial. Here is what I look for in an article:

  • Articles inform and educate, or entertain our readers.
  • An article does not promote any product, service, or brand.
  • Articles don’t have any logos or business links in them and your byline does not have your business name.

Your Byline: An example of your byline might be: Jane Doe, Author; or Jane Doe, Reiki Therapist

Photos: We will often provide a stock photo to accompany the article if one is not provided.

Word count: 300 -900 words

Your Bio: Please send us a short (up to 100 words) bio with your article. You may also include a photo of yourself.
The bio appears at the end of your article.


Advertorials differ from Articles in that they promote a business, product, or service, and they can include logo’s and links. I have the perfect marketing tool for you.


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Publishing Rights:

First Serial Rights, and Digital Rights that include the publishing of your submission on the OPAL PUBLISHING website for one full month, and then the rights return to the author. Your article will continue to be displayed until you ask us to remove it.

*All submissions are subject to approval. Opal Publishing reserves the right to refuse any submitted content.