The Missing Truths

The Missing Truths – By Boris Glikman

Looking Back

When we look back from our 21st century perspective on the societies of the past, such as those of the Roman Empire or the Medieval Ages, we shudder at the things that were acceptable in those times: slavery, public torture and executions, exhibiting sick or disfigured  people as fun objects, gratuitous cruelty to animals done in the name of entertainment.

Incredulously, we ask how they could have been so blind to such fundamental and obvious truths as: all people are created equal; that inflicting needless pain on other living beings is never justifiable; that sickness, whether of a physical or mental kind, needs to be treated with compassion and looked after.

Of course, some individuals in those past societies would have been opposed to those practices and held more enlightened views, but the collective consciousness of those communities saw nothing wrong with these actions and beliefs.

My question is: How would our modern Western civilisation appear five hundred, one thousand, two thousand years…from now?

When the people of the future look back on our society, our beliefs and our moral attitudes, what would they think and what would they shudder at? What truths, that would be self-evident and fundamental to them, are we blind to?

Of course, one could retort that our society is in possession of all the truths, but surely that is an impossibly superior and insupportable position to hold.

Note that what I am asking is which fundamental truths we as society as a whole are missing out on or have not accepted yet as being a fundamental truth. Obviously, there would be the more enlightened members of our community who do realise we are blind to these truths, but these truths have not yet established themselves within our collective consciousness.

Consequently, just like the majority of the Ancient Rome citizens were either indifferent to or supported slavery and public torture, so are we also indifferent to certain fundamental truths not being recognised and upheld? Or, indeed, are we accepting and supportive when the very opposite of these truths are put into practice instead?

The Missing Truths
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