The Power of Pendulums: Part One


This article appeared in Opal Rising Magazine FEBRUARY 2022.

The power of pendulums

The Power of Pendulums: What is a pendulum?

We’ve all had the experience of dangling something from a rope or string, and watching it swing back and forth. The swings of the object moving against gravity are subject to mathematical laws that dictate how those swings occur, based on symmetry and mass of the object, length of the pendulum, resistance, and so on. Italian scientist Galileo started experimenting with pendulums in the early 1600s and by 1656, Dutch mathematician Christiaan Huygens had invented the first clock with a swinging pendulum. Over the centuries, pendulums have been put to use in various scientific applications because of their reliable yet simple harmonic motions.

the power of pendulums

At the same time that pendulums were being used to explore science, they were also being used for dowsing or divination as a natural art.  Just as dowsing rods were historically and reliably used to help locate the presence of water or minerals underground, a pendulum could also be used in a similar manner. In fact, there is evidence that dowsing rods and pendulums were in use as far back as 6000BC. More recently, in World War II and in the Vietnam War, US marines were shown how to use pendulums to find tunnels and land mines. While not always commonly accepted, natural practitioners have also used pendulum dowsing in the health and medical fields for diagnosis and treatment.

So how do they work?

It’s not fully understood, but vibrations or electromagnetic energy most certainly plays a part. Pendulums exhibit their own frequencies and stable, rhythmic motion that can act as a receiver or transmitter for other energies. While they can detect and transmit very subtle changes in electromagnetic energies, such as in the case with finding water or minerals underground, they can also be used to tap into our own energies. Pendulum divination connects us with our own intuition and extra sensory perception. Our bodies are finely tuned to the universal flow of energy and the subtle movements of the pendulum can allow messages to come through it. To dowse or divine effectively, you need to still the mind and listen to your inner voice. Just as our subconscious can offer hidden knowledge, perhaps the energy within our bodies knows more than we think.  

the power of pendulums

Pendulums can provide guidance to answer yes/no questions or make decisions, find lost objects, tune into your body’s health and wellness, help with healing, and aid in spiritual development. Once you start to use your pendulum regularly, you will tune into its energy to help guide you through life.

Part two of this article will explore more about how to choose a pendulum, and how to work with its energy.

Opal Rising Magazine FEBRUARY 2022


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