Water as the Source of All

Water as the Source of All: WE ARE WATER

Water is the basis of all organic life and maybe the whole universe. We must know this. We look for water on Mars to see if there is life.

I love water. Lately, I really miss rivers, large lakes and even rain. I used to live near a waterfall, a rushing river, an ocean and I miss them all. How did I end up living in an almost desert? Well, there are logistics and restrictions in life, including monetary. Luckily there is a park nearby with a large pond and some marshes. Close to town, there is a small creek, when there is water. We are in drought now and that accentuates my desire and longing for water.

I think we all long for water because it is so much a part of us and the earth. It makes up over 60-70% of our body and our planet. Various organs, like the brain, are mostly water. We would not be alive without the water in us or on the planet. Without the hydrologic cycle, our planet would be dead.

When you think about it historically, human settlements have always been near water, likely for transportation, drinking and cleaning. But I wonder if there is a spiritual and emotional connection. We even anoint ourselves in water.

Water is Living Energy

Water is at the root of all living processes, but there is so much we do not know about it. It is so much more important and mysterious than we think. Much research is being done. Water has been discovered throughout the cosmos, even in unexpected places. Water is the basis of all organic life and maybe the whole universe. We must know this. We look for water on Mars to see if there is life.

The healing modality of homeopathy is based on water holding the memory of a substance. Dr. Masaru Emoto, in his book The Hidden Messages in Water, showed that our emotions and thoughts affect the structure of water. He even tested water near different types of music and machines. Love creates a beautiful structure. Microwaves do not. So how would this affect our own body of water?

There is vortex energy in the water of all living cells. And they say living water, natural water, has a vortex energy, but the water we get through pipes is dead because it gets confined and can’t move in its natural way.

Water Holds Us

Water is solace. We grieve out water in tears. Bathe away all our toxins. Float and rest on it. Play in it. Watch sunlight sparkle on it or moonlight’s gentle path across it. Listen to the gentle music of waves lapping at the shore, or the roar of it when it is stirred up in a storm. We ride the waves. We swim the currents.

Think of all the “healing” and sacred waters we go to, to relax and detoxify – the spas, the hot tubs, the salty waters and natural springs. There is also a spiritual aspect to these places.

I often imagine a deep pool of water in a forest, where I can go to relax and get messages. I can see who I really am in the reflection of the water. See what plants are there and what different creatures show up. You can do the same in the material world or the imagination. Ask nature for help.

Water Connects Us

Even on a material level water serves and connects us. Think of all the rivers, streams and oceans we use for transportation and other needs.

Water As the Source of All

What if we can also connect with the water in our bodies? Ask it to heal us. Send it thoughts of love and healing. Ask what emotions it is holding. Perhaps you could even send love to a glass of water you are drinking and ask it to infuse your cells. Maybe you could even change the structure of the water from dead to alive, by imagining and intending it.

What if you could get messages from water, like you do from spirit animals? If you communicated with it in different forms? What would it say? Would a lake have something different to say than a river? Would a polluted body of water say something different than a pristine pool? What wisdom would you get from this process, what wisdom about our nature? What connection would you feel?

There is so much more to learn about water. We are nothing, nothing human anyway, without it. We need to remember this and treat it with love and respect.

I went to the park today and stopped by a small stream. It was full of life. I was first attracted to the water striders, those bugs that look a bit like mosquitoes and skim across the surface of the water. As I knelt to look at them, a frog popped up in front of me. When a water strider bumped into him, he jumped forward. It was like the frog was saying, “Don’t bug me.” Then he sat still for me. Then a few wasps showed up, likely looking for water too. A tiny fish swam by.

I could consider all these creatures as messengers for me today. And maybe I will. I didn’t ask them for messages at the time but watched them in silence and wonder. Sometimes that is all we have.

Remember your true nature, your peaceful power of love, imagination and connection.

Maggie Marshall

Maggie Marshall helps you in remembering your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences. She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.

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