We Are Earthlings On this Planet

We have lost our identification of being earthlings on this planet.  We think we are above it all, superior somehow.  Humanity is not separate from the earth, but is entwined in the web of life.  Our bodies go back to the earth when we die.  Our spirits go back to energy and the universe.


I think we have become domesticated and artificial.  Some powers that be actually want us to become more like computers.  Transhumanism is their goal.  Do you want to become human 2.0 and connected to “the cloud,” or do you want to embrace your own spirit power and embodied, earthly wisdom?

We are arrogant, but also feel helpless.  We think everything can be solved by mechanical and industrial processes.  We’ve lost touch with our bodies and their healing abilities.  We’ve lost touch with nature, spirit and our inner connection and power.

We have given our power away to external authorities and bureaucrats.  We don’t trust our thought processes or intuition anymore.  We assume that “experts” know better than we do, but maybe they’re not really experts, especially if there is no robust dialogue between “experts” of differing opinions.


Humans are tribal and really need human connection, but if that is not possible, we can connect with earth and spirit.  It is the only way I have survived at times.  In these last few years, when we were denied our humanity, spirit and nature are all that kept me going, as well as a few like-minded friends.

With all the loss we have suffered, we need to be able to connect to loved ones who have passed, or ones whom have separated from us over differences of opinion.  It is possible to do this on an energetic level and come to peace with loss.  I have done this myself many times.

Energy has no limits.  We can communicate over infinite space, and in infinite time.

The Future

What kind of future do you want – one of connection to the earth and your body, or one of domination by government and corporate control?  Do you want to feel all your senses and the wonder of our home?  Or do you want a virtual version of life?

For all we know, this is our only time on this beautiful orb.  So why not embody it?  I imagine that being out of body and in spirit is wonderful, but it won’t have the same sensations and feelings as in the physical world. 

Let us let go of the fear of all the things in nature that are deemed a threat.  Live for the moment.   Take joy in the beauty.  Experience your senses.  Embody the sacred peace of who you really are.

Remember your true nature – human, nature and spirit.

We are earthlings on this planet
Maggie Marshall

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