Weave your Own Web

Weave your Own Web

Fear of Spiders

I was on a meditation call the other day and the topic was unconditional love. Someone in the chat wrote, “I want to love spiders.” So it got me thinking about my relationship with spiders, my almost lifelong fear of them, until “she” became a power animal for me. How can I fear someone who is here to help me?
In real life, I now have a much softer relationship with them. I take them outside instead of killing them; talk to them; try to relate to them.

And this is now expanding to all insects I see, and I am really not a fan of insects. I much prefer mammals, birds and, even, fish. Talking to insects may be a result of the last few years of isolation, but that’s okay.

Journey to Spider

On a recent journey to spider, I thought she wanted me to weave a web with her. I resisted. I guess all my fear of spiders is not gone. Then I tried, but realized that I had to weave my own.
So I set up next to spider and began to weave. My web is totally different.
A spider’s web is perfect, for them. Not me. I could never match it.
But I can ask for her help while I design my own.


There is much mythology around spider. They are associated with creativity, writing and feminine wisdom. Spider encourages us to use our own talents and essence to shape the world around us.
She encourages us to let go of fear and be confident. Our fear of spiders may relate to a lack of confidence and feeling powerless. We especially need strength, power and peace inside ourselves to live in our current culture that promotes fear and wants us to comply and conform, not weave our own web.
There are myths around spider woman, even though spider man is a larger myth in our patriarchal culture. In many native cultures, Grandmother Spider is a deity. She is thought to weave the universe into being and to be a saviour of human kind. She is about interconnection, the web of life.
Sometimes I see spider on an energetic grid of the world, weaving and, maybe, trying to adjust the grid, to protect our planet, protect us. I can hope.

Connect with Spider Energy

It is important to connect with nature through our imagination, to gain the wisdom and expanded consciousness of all that is. It also helps us to have respect for our fellow earthlings. It’s an energetic exchange.

Connecting with spider energy may help us to face our fears, stand in our power and create something new. Try to visit her and see what she says. See what you intuitively receive.
If spider does not resonate with you, breathe deep, meditate and ask for someone to meet you. Someone you need will connect with you.

I never know who will show up. It’s always a surprise, with unexpected wisdom and support. It’s also fun, if you are the curious type.

Give it a try.
I invite you to remember your true nature – curious, creative and powerful.


Maggie Marshall helps you remember your true nature of connection, healing and inner power. She guides you through spiritual, body awareness and shamanic experiences. She lives in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan, Canada near her beautiful tree and deer friends.


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