Welcome to the Throat Chakra

In our evolution as spiritual beings, opening the heart allows us to access the energy of the throat chakra at a higher level. As you open your heart, you deepen your experience and perception of compassion. As you open your throat chakra, you open the VOICE of your heart and of your soul.

For the past few years, many people I have worked with or engaged in conversation are beginning to open their throat chakra and are exploring some of the issues and opportunities for growth this presents to them.

The throat chakra represents how you communicate your truth, your purpose and your integrity. This chakra demands that you take responsibility for your choices and the consequences of these choices. This includes understanding the consequences of your thoughts and beliefs.

It is also the home of some of our greatest fears. It is well known that the greatest fear most people have is speaking in front of others. Many of our ‘what ifs’ are rooted in this fear.

And most importantly, it is the place of surrender from personal will to your higher purpose. Because it is the home of surrender, it is also the home of control. Quite a mouthful, isn’t it?

The Bucketful Of ‘What Ifs’

As I mentioned a moment ago, one of the greatest fears most people have is speaking (or performing) in front of others. It pushes major buttons like: What if I screw up? What will they think? I don’t want to make a fool of myself in front of others, so I just won’t do it. What if I say something they don’t like? I might get fired. God forbid if they know what I really think. And on and on it goes until the bucket overflows.

Many of us have a bucketful of these ‘what ifs’. My journey with my own personal bucketful has brought some valuable experience.

Teaching and performing the classical guitar has given me the opportunity to be in front of others for more than 40 years. Being a good organizer, I have also been asked to serve on the executive of a number of organizations throughout my life and that meant being in front of the group as their representative.

You wouldn’t believe the number of times one or more of the ‘what ifs’ in my bucket broadsided me with feelings of humiliation or failure. But even after feeling broadsided, something within me was driving me to get back up on stage or in front of the group and try again.

The frustration and emotional rollercoaster FINALLY brought me to the point of surrender, and I started to take a closer look at my bucket of ‘what ifs’. What you might call ‘my stubborn streak’ can really make me a slow learner, so I often end up with the ‘spiritual two by four.’

Avoidance sure wasn’t working. Where did all this stuff come from anyway? And what is it within me that kept making me get up to do this over and over again?

After a few years of observing myself and stirring up this bucket, I ended up staring at a bunch of negative thoughts that had been repeated so many times in my mind I was actually believing what they were telling me.

So, the next question I asked was: Is all this stuff really true?

I also recognized that the inner drive sending me back up on stage over and over was my spiritual essence giving me a kick in the butt. Ok, so I am a slow learner.

Getting back up on stage kept the big fears right in my face. When I quit kicking and screaming and decided to face the fear with the intent of understanding its source, I was amazed at the crazy logic behind the fear.

Evolving Beyond the ‘What Ifs’

How could I have even considered that some of this drivel I was thinking was actually true?

Choosing to take responsibility for your thinking is a huge step towards integrity. As you change your mind, you change your life!

And you begin to live with higher purpose. This is the really important part! It certainly gave me a different perspective on my bucketful of ‘what ifs’.

As I understand my purpose, I ask the following questions.

            Does this really serve me?

            Where does it come from?

And from a deeper understanding I choose to behave from a place that empowers what is really important to me. Encouraged by this, I learned to use my intent and will, to take a good look at my fears, one by one.

And now, when I look deep into the eyes of the person in the mirror each morning, I recognize the amazing soul that lives in there.

Welcome to the Throat Chakra
Sharon Carne
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Welcome to the Throat Chakra

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